Editing services for authors of fantasy,
horror, scifi, and speculative fiction.

Editing services for authors of fantasy,
horror, scifi, and speculative fiction.

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Magic Words Editorial Services: Shawna Hampton, Editor

Hi, I’m Shawna

I’m a freelance book editor helping indie authors make their books the best they can be. There’s a special nook in my soul for stories with lots of imagination, magic, what-ifs, and perhaps a scare or ten, so I specialize in fantasy, horror, scifi, and speculative fiction.


My editing zeroes in on the details of your manuscript. All those rules you forgot in tenth grade? I love them, know them, use them—so you don’t have to! Take a peek below at a summary of my editing packages, or hop on over to my Services page for a deep dive into how I can bring out the magic in your words.

  • Nuts and Bolts

  • A Nuts and Bolts edit is a standard copyedit focusing on grammar, usage, mechanics, and any other typos or word slipups that might have crept into the pudding. It’s great for you magic writers who passed most of your spelling tests or aced English class.


  • Style Tune Up

  • A Style Tune Up (also known as a line edit) tunnels deeper into your text to make your magic words sing. With a tweak here and a tweak there to sentence flow, word choice, style, consistency, and other issues, your writing will sound like you—turned up to eleven!


  • Story Critique

  • Story Critiques take a high-level view, like a black-winged bird, to focus on story elements like plot, character, narration, and structure. You could call them “dev edit lites” or “heavy beta-reads” if you wish—most magic writers just call them awesome!


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  • So, magic writers, let’s talk “rules.” The other day, I had someone cruise by my Twitter profile and helpfully point out that the word scifi in all of my bio text and graphics should be hyphenated to sci-fi. After a good eye roll, I agreed. And then......

  • You spent days, months, years getting the words down. You spent countless hours dreaming up the idea before that. You battled Resistance, wrestled with Self-Doubt, and conquered the ultimate evil, Fear. Exhausted, you stumbled out of that battlefield to shakily write (or type!) The End.......