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I cannot imagine life without books any more than I can imagine life without breathing.
— Terry Brooks

Gifts for your writing journey.

Even if we might not end up traveling together on this editing quest (for now), I want you to have the knowledge and confidence you need. Here are multiple resources to help you on your self-editing adventure. And, remember, if you get stuck in a grammar bog or trapped in a comma cave by a giant spider, I’ll be happy to rescue you.

Recommended Reading

Magic Words: Book Editor for Fantasy Authors | Resources | Refuse to Be Done by Matt Bell
Refuse to Be Done

Matt Bell

The best writing happens during rewriting; here’s a wonderful guide for every step of the revision process.

Magic Words: Book Editor for Fantasy Authors | Resources | Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

Renni Browne and Dave King

The best book for self-editing your own craft during the revision process. Plot, POV, character development, and much more.

Magic Words: Book Editor for Fantasy Authors | Resources | Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott
Bird by Bird

Anne Lamott

A wonderfully inspiring book on the writing process and learning to break down a daunting project into its manageable parts.

Magic Words: Book Editor for Fantasy Authors | Resources | The Magic of Fiction by Beth Hill
The Magic of Fiction

Beth Hill

The handbook I rely on to edit every detail of fiction, next to The Chicago Manual of Style. Covers many things not mentioned in CMOS.

Magic Words: Book Editor for Fantasy Authors | Resources | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert

A beautifully written book on every aspect of living a wild and free creative life.

Helpful Websites

Jane Friedman

Jane’s website is a wonderful resource for learning about and understanding the publishing industry, with advice for both indie authors and those seeking a more traditional path.


Chock full of writing tips and advice on living the best writing life, plus a whole book and program on designing your own MFA-style writing education program.

Helping Writers Become Authors

Concrete, actionable education on crafting a story from an author of historical fiction and fantasy.

Write. Publish. Sell.

A resource and program to help authors, well, write/publish/sell their books! Offered by the hosts of the annual Women in Publishing conference.

Free Downloads


Magic Words Sample Story Diagnostic

A sample of the diagnostic letter from my signature Story Diagnostic service.


Magic Words Sample Style Sheet

A sample of the style sheet I prepare for every line and copyedit. Use it to help your self-editing efforts or download for an example of the style sheet I’ll create for your book or series.